Banyuls Vinegars

All our vinegars are made from mature Banyuls ; no water is added .
Banyuls vinegar is a rather special one because it is made from syrupy wine with a high percentage of alcohol .
Unlike its fellow wines, a different souring method is used to transform this sweet wine into vinegar .
For dry wine vinegars, it is an acetic bacteria which causes acetic souring .
For sweet wine vinegars , it is a lactic bacteria which causes lactic souring .
Only the latter preserves the characteristics of the original Banyuls .
The art is to achieve this lactic souring without which it is impossible to create a true Banyuls vinegar.
A good Banyuls vinegar must be matured so that it gives off its particular maderized aromas . Our Banyuls vinegars are an average of 15 years old .
Maturing : in tuns and barrels .

Traditional Banyuls vinegar
« Mamella’s vinegar » :
The Mas Blanc Banyuls vinegar.

  • Characteristics :
    Sweet and sour bouquet , a trace of wallnut and almond together with aromas of tobacco and chocolate.
    Fairly lively on the palate , a trace of minerals, an after taste of chocolate , relatively lingering taste .
  • Serve with :
    Anchovies, fried liver , salad and for deglazing sauces.

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Perfumed Banyuls vinegar
« Mamella’s secret »:
A perfumed Banyuls vinegar from the secret of grand mother Parcé who used it in cooking .

  • Characteristics :
    A vinegar made from the secret recipe of “grandmother Parcé” and resulting from the maceration of 3 plants and 2 spices .
    A slightly minty , aniseedy bouquet with a complementary salty side . More acetic than the “ Traditional ” vinegar , it expresses a complexity through which the chef can let his imagination or his talent guide him in the finding of culinary harmonies for this fairly out of the ordinary vinegar .
    The palate is evocative of chocolate and spices.
  • Accompagnement :
    Fish dishes , meat cooked in sauce , or the chef’s choice

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Marine’s Vinegar
« Essencia »:
It began with the discovery of an inscription and a message on a roll of parchment in an old trunk ; this document bore the name of an old local Catalan family : “Cantallops” ( the singing wolf ).

The contents of this document on vinegar, remains obscure and takes us back to XIII th century Gerona where alchemists flourished.

The revelation of wine turned to vinegar opens the path to the pleasures of the palate and comforts us in the knowledge that nothing is lost, every thing undergoes change.

  • Alchemical characteristics :

    A strong flavoured vinegar with a hint of coffee, cocoa, mediterranean plants (cistus) and citrus fruits. A taste that recaptures aromas with smoothness and persistence.

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